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Fischer, Tx - Weather, Seismic, and Lightning!


The Fischer, Tx Lightning detection system is based on a Blitzortung detector.  Currently mounted at an elevation of 901ft MSL with ferrite rod antennas.   To view Texas data, click HERE.   To view station specific data, click HERE.


The Fischer, Tx Seismograph is a Oyo Geospace displacement sensor in the vertical position with a 50db gain, no decimation, and a 8.44 sample rate.  This data is updated every 1 minute (60 seconds).  Click HERE to view the Seismic data from Fischer, Tx.


The Fischer, Tx weather station is an AcuRite 1036 at an elevation of 901 MSL.  Our weather data is published in realtime to Weather Underground, available HERE.    

This site is in no way affiliated with the city of Fischer, Tx.  I am only a resident in the area providing informational data to the public.